Resources & Assessments

These are the Judging Standards for the students in WA schools.







Looking for resources to make your life as a language teacher easier?  Here are some to help you get started.

Read translate download and share a world of illustrated storybooks:

Language Gym:

Quiz Quiz Trade (Pakaian)
Warnailah animals using numbers and colours
Ulat yang Lapar Sekali
The Very Hungry Caterpillar perfect pdf
Spark PP whole school
small-weather-words flashcards
Shadow Puppets
Poster for rooms colours numbers days of week seasons_modified
pets farm animals cut and paste
muka label
Make a monster game
key into Indonesia fruit PDF
Kamu suka olahraga apa year5and6
junior map label and colour
IndonesianVisualDictionaryKamusBergambarBahasaIndonesia (1)
Independence Day2
Greetings poster
Green Octopus Months days booklet
Dora Colour
Di pantai powerpoint
Characteristics of Wayang Puppets
Buku Cuaca
Binatang & Warna (Power Point)
Becak Template
Amazing facts about Indonesia
Alphabet summary page
World Student Indonesia Booklet
Toilet sign 2018
Drinking sign 2018

Grammar:Indonesian Me~ Verbs

Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes – Ber~/Me~/Pe~/~an

Me~i Verb Constructions


Se~ & Ter~ Prefixes

Classifiers Dalam Bahasa Indonesia

3rd Person Object Focus (Passive Voice)

Pe-an & Per-an Abstract Nouns

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