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EPCongratulations to all students from Years 2 to 6 in their great achievement in EPLC (EducationPerfect Languages Championship).  Aveley PS achieved 1st for Indonesian in WA (out of 114 schools) and 3rd for Indonesian in Australia (out of 561 schools). This is the second year we are in 1st position for Indonesian Language in Western Australia. Well done!

EP 2021


On Tuesday 18th August, 75 students from Year 5 with their teachers and some parent helpers had the opportunity to visit Perth Zoo as their Indonesian excursion. It was a unique and enjoyable opportunity for the students to be immersed in the Indonesian language outside the classroom. The excursion took the students in a journey through Asian Rain forest and discover the incredible diversity of life that is found there. Students learnt to identify the animal adaptations and interactions required to survive in this unique environment.
EP         Education Perfect Languages Championship 14 May – 21 May            

Aveley PS Achievements:  Students answered 144,759 questions and earned 66,110 points.  EP Result

1st for Indonesian in WA out of 129 schools

1st for Indonesian in WA in the 251-500 student category out of 199 schools

1st for Indonesian in Australia for the 251-500 student category out of 165 schools

2nd for Indonesian in Australia out of 640 schools

2nd for Indonesian globally out of 777 schools



RTV Teacher Visit from Bali 2019

EducationPerfect WA Languages Championship 2019

EducationPerfect is a digital educational platform used by our school for Indonesian Language. On June 4 – June 11, students from Year 2 to 6 took part in the WA Languages competition. I am extremely proud to say that out of 136 schools that participated, our school came in 6th place. However, out of 87 schools doing Indonesian Language, our school came 1st!

We have 12 students getting Credit Award (more than 500 points), 5 students getting Bronze Award (more that 1000 points), 2 students getting Silver Award (more than 2000 points) and 2 students getting Gold Award (more than 3000 points). Our top students is Blake Johnson who came 21st place out of more than 15,000 students. Congratulations!

Adult Indonesian Classes

Term 2 has been an exciting term to promote Indonesian Language among parents, staff and the community with the FREE classes conduct every Thursday after school.


RAC Christmas Pageant managed by Channel 7 brings the magic to the city of Perth and Aveley PS Indonesian troupe has been a part of it.  Students had the priviledge to also take part in Elfenbrook Christmas Pageant for the second time.  We are excited to appear on Channel 7 and students had so much fun bringing Christmas cheer to everyone dressing in Indonesian costumes.

This year has been an exciting year with the announcement of the winners for Kompetisi Klip-Klip 2018. Please follow the  following link to see the announcement video (6-minutes).

This is our winning video!

With our winning video, we get to have lunch delivered to our school and so we decided to have a picnic accompanied by the students’ parents/caregivers.

Ibu Juni’s Visit 2018

Bali Came to Aveley PS

Cooking Yr 6 – Indonesian 2018

Year 5 Excursion 2018


Experience The Cultural Wonders of Bali

Mesy’s Visit 2017





Christmas Pageant 2015

Excursion 2015


Cultural Day Assembly.


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