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Brief History of our sister school.
Aveley PS has embarked on adopting a school in Bali in 2014 through AdoptASchool Association. Our sister school is SD 4 Kaba Kaba. We subsequently liaised Alit Widia who are the contact person in Bali and a senior English teacher.

After the adoption materialized, we found out that the school was without clean running water, and so we decided to help to raise funds by organizing a fund-raising project. A ‘Lapathon’ was organized to raise the funds required and was then set for Friday, 15 August 2014 for students in Years PP to 6. We had an overwhelming response from students and parents and we managed to raise over $8,000. We then proceeded to donate $500 for the clean water project. The balance of the funds would be spent on other projects over the next 3 years.


In 2015. our project is to have a building with all kind of English resources for the children of SD4 Kaba-Kaba. It was our proud moment again to have this project a huge success!!

Aveley English Centre 2015

Freestone’s Family Visit

2016 has so far been an exciting and eventful year.  We have had a number of visitors to your sister school including our P.E. teacher Mr Harvie Mitchell and his family.

Mr Harvie’s Visit

Our projects in providing new toilets, resources and bookshelves for the Aveley English Centre and fans for the classrooms have now been completed.  A huge thank you to our lovely Aveley Community who have contributed one way or another to these meaningful endeavours.

Sister School Project Completed

McLaren Family Visit

2017 Photos of the Power’s Family to the school.


This year will be another exciting year for Aveley PS as we have officially sponsored another sister school, SD 4 CepakaSchool Member Certificate 2018 Aveley PS

Can you help to sponsor a child in need?    AAS Sponsorship Programme

During the April school holidays on 17 April 2018, my family and I were lucky enough to visit our new sister school SD Cepaka.  We were joined by Mrs Tania Tuckey with her friend Ms Emily Bell, our student Amalie in Year 3 and her father.  Below are all the photos we have taken with the Principal, staff and students.

The name/sign of the school.
The Principal, AdoptASchool Association coordinators and staff at SD Cepaka.
Students playing the instrument to welcome us.  Such talented children.
The students were so thrilled with their APS tattoos, stickers, Australian flags, etc.

Back at SD4 Kaba Kaba, when we visited the Aveley English Centre, we were very happy to see the improvement of the students with their level of English compared to 3 years when I first visited them.  The students were wearing their new uniform sponsored by Aveley PS, Perth.  Here are some photos of us chatting with the students and when they’ve done well, they were rewarded with some chocolates.

Our ideas to introduce to the new school SD Cepaka will be ‘WASTE WISE PROJECT’ as clearly they are not doing very well with the photos below.

Then, hopefully with the available space we will build a badminton court for the students.

2 October 2018

A visit by Deputy Principal, Ms Kylie Davis and a few other staff, Mr Mitchell Harvie, Ms Samantha Palmer and Mr Justin Longbottom to SD Cepaka.


Badminton Project.

SD Cepaka received the funding to build a new badminton court by our Representative, Ibu Ni Wayan Sekarini. The fund given was A$2,925 (Rp 27.734.850) on 30 October 2019.

The project to build the badminton court has started in November.





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